Classes: Two Wheelthrowing spots available now. Onetime Workshops Available by request. Visitors are welcome - just call me first.


Classes:  Two wheelthrowing spots available now.

Tuesday evening:  6:30-8:30. Wednesday eveinings. 6:30 - 8:30.

Let me know if you are interested.


Phone: 503 232 4393

Custom Workshops:  You suggest the date and time.  It lasts 2 hours.  A fun way to taste and see!

Click on Custon Workshopd Above for more details.

Wheelthrowing:  I will work with you at whatever level you are.  Clases are very small.

I have three combination kick/electric wheels.  Pieces are fired in a high fired gas kiln. We gather for Saturday student kiln loadings and studio cleaning augmented by potluck food and drink!

For handbuilding we work on techiques you can use for designing your own pieces.  In your first session we made this kind of work.  It involves 7-10 different uses of clays and glazes.  This kind of handbuilding is very non-traditonal - just to warn you...


My piece is on the right, Student's on the left.

After you complete the above assignment you can do what ever you want:


$250 for six sessions. Fee includes everything— clay, firing, etc.
Student lab time is $10 per hour. 

Class clay is a combination of stoneware and porcelain. Pieces are fired to @2300 degrees, in a gas-fired reduction kiln. The student kiln is generally loaded every other month or so. 
Your pieces will be safe in the microwave, dishwasher and oven.

Classes are small, usually three to four students. We design sessions to fit your needs. Because classes allow for individual attention, I take beginners along with more advanced students. 

To register
Contact Adrienne at or 503.232.4393.



Adrienne provides two-hour individual sessions.

Cost: $110 per 2 hr. session, all materials and tools included. I can glaze your pieces for free or you can come glaze for $25 - additional session required. 

To schedule: Contact Adrienne at or 503.232.4393.